2018 China International Lubricants,Base Oils & Additives Conference


【Venue】Shanghai Marriott Hotel Kangqiao(No.4499, KangxinRd., Pudong New District, Shanghai, PR China)


Shanghai Lubricant Trade Association
Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co.,Ltd

As the primary event of Inter Lubric China, “China International Lubricants, Base Oils & Additives Conference” has been successfully held in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou for 8 years under the strong support from all sides. This year’s conference will be held during Noverbem 5-6 at Shanghai Marriott Hotel Kangqiao. The two-day conference will have four mainly sectors: Industry Trends, Base Oils, Additives and Lubricant Testing ,bringing the most authoritative industry trends analysis , the most cutting-edge technology products release and the practical experience sharing.

2018 China International Lubricants,Base Oils & Additives Conference(11.5)

TimeTopicCompany Speaker Title
8:30-9:00Developing trend of Industry Lubricants Market and Castrol TCO SolutionBP(China) Industrial Lubricants Co.,LTDXianlong Zhang Sales Director
9:00-9:30API Engine Oil Licensing ProgramAPIKevin Ferrick Sr. Manager, API Engine Oil Program
9:30-10:00Key Technology of Grease Lubrication of Rail Transit Traction Motor Rolling Bearing CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd Haijiang Li Senior Engineer
10:00-10:15Tea Break
10:15-10:45 China National VI – Emission Limits, Technology and how Heavy Duty Engine Oil Plays a Major RoleThe Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers
Chevron Product Company
Greg CroceSTLE President of 2018; Chevron Product Company Delo Global Brand Technical Manager
10:45-11:15Long-life lubricant compounding technology solution in the background of energy saving and environmental protection PetroChina Lubricant CompanyXiaohong Xu Manager, Additive Division, PetroChina Lubricant Company
Secretary of Party Committee & deputy general manager of Lanzhou PetroChina Lubricant Additive Co., Ltd.
11:15-11:45The Application of the Nobel Prize-winning material Fullerene in lubricating oilCarbon Cube TechnologySun Yong Qing Chairman
11:45-13:00 Lunch
13:00-13:30 Synthetic Solutions for Lubricant ChallengesExxonMobil Asia Pacific Research & Development Co., LtdAlina LiSynthetics MTS Engineer
13:30-14:00Application of Ultra-high Vis Metallocene PAOs in 75W-90 Automobile Gear Oils.Shanghai NACO Lubrication Co., Ltd.Qingcai LiuEngineer
14:00-14:30Research and Industrial Demonstration on Key Technology mPAO Base OilLab. of Advanced Lubricating Materials, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CASJiusheng LiPh.D/Prof.
14:30-14:45Tea Break
14:45-15:15 Future Directions in Polyahphaolefin Technology INEOSLionel D. Moore Doctor
Senior Research Chemist, Global Technology Manager of Base Oil Solutions
15:15-15:45ARLANXEO Keltan? OCP in Petroleum Additives Application ARLANXEOGer RademakersAssociate Scientist
15:45-16:15 Energy Efficient Basestock – A New High Viscosity Basestock for Gear ApplicationsBASF(China) Co., LtdLuYi ZhangTechnical Marketing Manager
16:15-16:45Friction and Wear Properties of a Concept 0W8 Engine Oil Containing Low Viscosity Ester and Friction Modifiers CrodaDr. Martin CurranMarket Applications Specialist

2018 China International Lubricants,Base Oils & Additives Conference(11.6)

TimeTopic Company Speaker Title
8:30-9:00Opportunities and Challenges of China”s food-grade Lubricants Market JAXJianzhong Du Chief representative of JAX food-grade lubricants in China
9:00-9:30 MITIGATE the Risk of INCIDENTAL PRODUCT CONTACT with LUBRICANTSNSF InternationalLeo LuNSF Business Development Director
High End Hydraulic Oil Market Application and Development ForecastSublime China Information Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch Yuchao ZhouConsulting Division
project manager
10:00-10:15Tea Break
10:15-10:45 New Trend of the Development of Viscosity Index ImproversExpert Committee of Guangdong Lubricant Industry Association
Former Sinopec Maoming Petroleum Industry Co., Ltd
Chenhui Zhang Expert
Senior Engineer
10:45-11:15Discussion on the Construction and Management Technology of Lubricating Oil Application LaboratoryShanghai Baosteel Industry Technology Co. Ltd. Gensheng WuSenior Engineer
11:15-11:45New Anti-counterfeit/Anti-leaking Closure technology – BAP (Bonded Alumium to Plastic) APTAR GROUPDavid WangRegional Market Development Director Great China
13:00-13:30 STUDY ON THE STABILIZER TO KEEP LONG LIFETIME OF THE METALWORKING FLUIDKAO Chemical Cooperation Shanghai Hardy MiaoSales Manager
13:30-14:00Concept of User-friendly Product Development – to Raise Competency of Lube Oil and MWFShanghai Starry Chemical Co., Ltd.George LiuGeneral Manager
14:00-14:30The application and challenge of organic molybdenum friction modifier Vanderbilt (Beijing)Trading Co.,Ltd Aili MaAccountant
Tea Break
14:45-15:15Application Performance of SASOL Oil-soluble PAGs - MARLOWET
Sasol Performance ChemicalsDr. Filippo MontesionManager Market Developme
15:45-16:15The Application of Unique on Product Brand SafetyYutun Information & technology (Shanghai) co. LTD(CTO)Jacky ZhangManager

2015-2017 Lubricant Conference Review

2017 China International Lubricants,Base Oils & Additives Conference

【Time】September 19th-20th,2017

【Venue】Radisson Blu Hotel,Beijing

September 19th Industry Trend & Base Oils

9:00-9:30Development of AdditivesPetroChina Lubricant CompanyXisheng FuDirector of Technology Development
9:30-10:00Situation and Development of Grease in China SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing Lidan YaoSenior Engineer
10:00-10:30STLE Emerging Trends in Tribology and Lubrication EngineeringSTLEMichael AndersonSTLE 2017-2018 President
10:30-10:45Tea Break
10:45-11:15Investigation and Prospect of Domestic Naphthenic Base Oil MarketCNOOC?OIL&GAS?(TAIZHOU)?PETROCHEMICAL?CO.,LTD.Jianrong LinManager
11:15-11:45Oppotunities in Lubricants and Base Oils in China Kline & Company, Project LeadSteven ZhangProject Lead
11:45-12:15Analysis of China Typical Industrial Lubricants Market and TrendSublime China Information Co., Ltd. Shanghai BranchKaini QianGeneral Manager
13:30-14:00Alternative Base Oil for
Lowering the Cost of low viscosity
PETRONAS Penapisan (M) Sdn.Bhd. Lee Seow king (SK)Business Development Manager
14:00-14:30 Development and prospect for preparation technology of lubricating materials based on Fischer-Tropsch synthesisLab. of Advanced Lubricating Materials, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CASJiusheng LiPh.D/Prof.
14:30-15:00Improved sustainability, More power, Longer life with Metallocene based polyalphaolefins (mPAO)ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Research & Development Co., LtdAlina LiSynthetics MTS Engineer
15:00-15:15Tea Break
15:15-15:45Applications of Esters in Modern Low Viscosity Engine OilsCrodaDr. Martin CurranMarket Applications Specialist
15:45-16:15Improved Efficiency through the Use of Durasyn? High Viscosity Polyalphaolefins INEOSLionel MooreCustomer Technical Service
16:15-16:45PAG for Industrial Gear Oil Base OilClariant Chemicals (China), Ltd. Xiang ZhaiTechnical Manager
16:45-17:15Extended Lifetime and Enhanced Cleanliness of Air Compressor Oil with OSPThe Dow Chemical CompanyKen HanResearch Scientist, Industrial Solutions

September.20th Additives & Lubricant Testing Monitoring

9:00-9:30The present and future of standardization of analytical instruments for petroleum products in China.North Dalian Analytical Instrument Co., LtdChangJun CuiGeneral Manager
9:30-10:00Introducing a Fuel Economy Improver Additive for Engine OilsBASF CorporationShaun R. SeibelGlobal Marketing Manager, Industrial Lubricant
10:00-10:30Introduction of SASOL oil-soluble PAGs-MARLOWET M SeriesSasol Performance Chemicals Dr.Giorgio Ponti R&D-Application Development Metal Working & Lubricants
10:45-11:15The Lubricating Secret Behind Turbo Charged Gasoline Direct Injection EnginesChevron Oronite (Beijing) International Trading Co., LtdChen GangTechnical Manager
11:15-11:45Effective Use Of Organo-Molybdenum Additives In LubricantsVanderbilt (Beijing) Trading, Ltd.Aili MaAccount Manager
11:45-12:15GB GL-5 revision and solution LubrizolTim Lin Product Manager
13:30-14:00Correlation of Engine Dynamometer Testing to Time Dependent Tribological StudiesLanxess Solutions US, Inc. Dr. Cyril MigdalHead of Global Applications Technology
14:00-14:30The Performance of MODTC in Diesel Engine OilADEKA (CHINA) CO., LTD LubricantTIianRu Guo Lubricant Sales Manager
15:00-15:15Technical Developments and Trends of Chinese Private Third Party Oil Testing LaboratoryRunningland Metrology & Testing (Shanghai) Co., LtdDavid ZhouGeneral Manager
15:15-15:45The New Analyst Technical in Oil Condition MonitoringSGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd.Daidi Zhang Lubricant Lab Manager
15:45-16:15How to choose the right oil RMs for the Oil TestingLGC technology shanghai Ltd.Yannie.JingEngineer

2016 China International Lubricants,Base Oils & Additives Conference

【Time】September 19,2016

【Venue】 LANGHAM PALACE(No.638 East Xin Gang Road)


Shanghai Lubricant Trade Association
Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co.,Ltd

2016 Conference Agenda

Industry Trends 9:00-12:00
9:00-9:25Analysis of Lubricant Base Oil Development TrendSINOPEC Lubricant Co., Ltd Beijing Research Institute Base Oil Application Research InstituteHong LiuDeputy Dean
9:25-9:50Technology?and?Development?Trend?of?Marine?Lubricant?Compound?AdditivesPetroChina Dalian Lubricant Research and Development Center Marine Oil InstituteJie ZhangDirector
9:50-10:15Global Trends in Tribology and Lubrication Technologies for Energy and Environment SustainabilitySTLEAli ErdemirSTLE 2016-2017 President
10:30-10:55Development of Lubricants and Related Standards in EuropeOELCHECK ChinaSteffen BotsDirector of Service and Sales
10:55-11:20New API Heavy Duty Engine Oil Performances StandardsAPIDennis L. BachelderAPI Senior
11:20-11:45Overview of Asia and China Base Oil and Lubricants MarketICISKaini QianConsulting Director
11:45-12:10Research of Friedel-Crafts Application in LubricantsChinese Friedel-Crafts teamFeng Liu Lead Researcher of Chinese Friedel-Crafts Team
Sub-Conference 1 14:15-17:00
14:15-14:40SpectraSyn Elite The ExxonMobil PAO Family is Expanding with SpectraSyn Elite? 300ExxonMobil ChemicalWenning W. HanPh.D
14:40-15:05Liquid MoDTC with High Sulfurization,High Molybdenum Level and Branched AmineVanderbilt (Beijing) Trading, LTD.Junbing YaoGeneral Manager,Doctor
15:05-15:30Frictional Behavior of Ester Base StocksEmery Oleochemicals GmbHMatthias HofGlobal Manager P&AD Bio-Lubricants,Doctor
15:45-16:10The Effectiveness of Lubricant Additives in Preventing Soot Induced WearCrodaMartin CurranSales Development Specialist
16:10-16:35For The Future Lubricant Technology-KetjenlubeItalmatch GroupSam WangSales Manager
16:35-17:00Friction Experiment Evaluation Method of ADEKA SAKURA-LUBE 525ADEKA CHINA CO.,LTDTianRu GuoLubricant Sales Manager
Sub-Conference 2 14:15-17:00
14:15-14:40Polyalkylene Glycol Based Lubricants: Technical Benefits and Potential Application in Wind TurbinesBASFJim MinAsia Pacific Technical Marketing Manager
14:40-15:05High performance Cemented Carbides Grinding - Challenges and SolutionsRhein ChemieThomas RossruckerGlobal Director Application Technology
15:05-15:30Technology for Transportation LubricantDow Chemical (China) Investment Co., LtdYaoKun HanDoctor
15:45-16:10Meeting the Lubrication Challenges of Modern High Performance Hydraulic SystemsLubrizol Management (Shanghai) Ltd.Kathy WuProduct Manager in Industrial Additives
16:10-16:35New Insight Into the Benefits of Synthetic Esters in Challenging Lubricanting Applications NYCOArnaud RADIGUEIndustrial & Automotive Technical and Sales Manager
16:35-17:00Multi-purpose.Multi-function and High-perfomance Emulsifying Agent in Industrial Lubricating ProductsClarientXiang ZhaiSenior Technical Engineer Industrial & Consumer Specialties

2015 China International Lubricants,Base Oils & Additives Conference


【Venue】Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel

As one of the premium events of 16th Inter Lubric China,this year‘s conference theme is ‘Lubricant Transformation in High-end Manufacture’.The conference has trend reports in the morning and ‘Base Oils’ and ‘Additives’ sub-conferences in the afternoon,bringing the most authoritative industry trend analysis and the most cutting-edge technology products release.
Shanghai Lubricant Trade Association
Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co.,Ltd

As one of the premium events of 16th Inter Lubric China, this year’s conference theme is ‘Lubricant Transformation in High-end Manufacture’.The conference has trend reports in the morning and ‘Base Oils’ & ‘Additives’ sub-conferences in the afternoon,bringing the most authoritative industry trend analysis and the most cutting-edge technology products release.

2015 Conference Agenda

Industry Trends9:00-12:00
9:00-9:30Lubricant Technology Development Demand of China’s High End ManufacturingSINOPEC Lubricant Co.,LtdSheng ZuhongGeneral Manager
9:30-10:00Future Trends in Tribology and Lubrication EngineeringSTLERobert M. GreshamSTLE 2015-2016 President
10:00-10:30Diesel Engine Oil and Diesel Exhaust Fluid Helping Reduce Truck EmissionsAPIDennis BachelderSenior Engineer
10:45-11:15Application of Precision Filtration Technology in the Production of Lubricating OilCOBETTER FILTRATION Hara shinjiGeneral Inspect
11:15-11:45New Friction Modifier XPDL 886 for Engine OilBASFZhou JianTechnical Marketing Manager for Lubricant Additives
Sub-conference 1 14:00-17:15
14:00-14:30Ester Base Stocks for Marine LubricantsEMERYMatthias HofGlobal Manager Product & Application Development Bio-Lubricants
14:30-15:00NYCOBASE Synthetic Esters – Solutions for High Performance LubricantsNYCOFran?ois GAUTIERIndustrial & Automotive Technical and Sales Manager
15:00-15:30Application of High-Vis PAOs and Alkylated Naphthalene NACOLiu ZhongwenTechnical Director
15:45-16:15Enhanced 0xidative Stability of High Viscosity ExxonMobil ChemicalLi LinSynthetics MTS Engineer
16:15-16:45Lubricating Diamond-Like-Carbon Coated SurfacesCrodaMartin CurranSales Development Specialist
16:45-17:15Polyalphaolefin Fluids for Environmentally Acceptable, High Performance Passenger Car, Marine, Industrial LubricantsINEOSLionel MooreTechnical Support of PAO Base Fluids
Sub-conference 2 14:00-17:15
14:00-14:30The Infineum SV Advantage Maximizing Performance and ValueInfineumXu FuqiangIndustry Liasion Technical Service Manager
14:30-15:00Powerful Antioxidants for Industrial Oils and GreasesVANDERBILTMa AiliAccount Manager
15:00-15:30The Development of an Low-odor Industrial Gear Oil Additive PackageSTARRYCHEM Liu GangGeneral Manager
15:45-16:15Anionic Modified PAG as Water-soluble Lubricity Additive in Synthetic MWFDOW CHEMICALLiang BingTechnical Service & Development
16:15-16:45Genapol PN 35 High Performance Lubricant for Synthetic FluidCLARIANTZhai XiangSenoir Technical Engineer Industrial & Consumer Specialties